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5/13/2017 - Chapter 60 complete!

2/24/2016 - Chapter 59 complete!

While not in readable format yet, this gives you an idea of how far along the project currently is.

What is Delucion?

Delucion is an ongoing story, following the adventures of a young man named Delucion as he seeks to uncover the nature of a world he suspected to exist, but had never known. An epic tale of a journey deep into an unknown world, Delucion teems with life and mystery. A host of characters are a part of his journey, and many threads tie together to paint the picture of a greater whole. Neither author nor characters know where the adventure will lead, but both continue forward into that unknown world, to see what there is to find. Tying together both a world of fantasy, and the world of those who record and tell the story, Delucion occupies a strange space between fiction and reality. What waits beyond the mountains? Who can say, but those who travel there?

What is this website? is the place for reading the latest chapters of Delucion, as they come out. Due to the nature of how the book is being written, the existence of an ending to Delucion remains unknown, and publishing chapter-by-chapter, in this format, seems to be an excellent way of getting the story to those who might enjoy it, including, potentially, you!

How is the book delivered to me?

Delucion is available to read here on the site, in a smartphone-friendly reader. By making an account, you can take notes, set bookmarks, and have your progress auto-saved so you can always return right to where you last left off.

When will the next chapter be published?

Right now I'm considering switching to publish in volumes, instead of chapters. Stay tuned! For now, the first seven chapters are free, and available here.

How can someone support Delucion?

First and foremost, any and all forms of sharing can help. Whether you love the story or know someone who might, sharing can widen the number of people who know about Delucion and may enjoy it. That said, here are some relevant links:

And, no matter the kind of support, thank you!

About the author

Delucion is written by Oliver Kaufman, whose body currently resides most of the time in Washington State, in the US.

He (aka me) also hosts the The World Within, a self-help website that focuses on inner awareness, expression, and exploration as a way to understand one's self, nuture one's development, and enable one to better handle the obstacles one can face on an inner level in life, whether that be things like stress, fear, or any kind of problematic or difficult-to-understand feeling.

Additionally, he also has a number of short stories available here, hosted on Scribd. Almost all of them are currently free - enjoy ^^

18 of my stories are also available in the collection The Windless Echo, available here on Amazon.

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