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The World: Falborough and Beyond


A town. No one knows how it started, or how inhabits came to live in this town, nestled in fertile land between high mountains and tall sea cliffs. They're a simple town - they know how to keep order, how to become educated, get married, and eventually die. And everyone contributes. Life here goes on, day after day, year after year, in ways that seem to work quite well, and don't really need to be questioned. Perhaps a pleasant existence isn't for everyone, but... deviance might threaten the town, now, wouldn't it?

The Far Wood

A forest, far from Falborough, where few townsfolk, even hunters, ever stray. Called "The Dragonfire Forest" by Delucion, it's rumored to be a habitat for strange beasts.

The Serpent Tower

A strange tower, far in the distance, nestled in the mountains above Falborough. What was its purpose? Blizzards, and blinding snowstorms shroud the pathway to the tower. A source of mystery for Delucion, his one attempt at reaching it was an utter failure.


The ruins of an underground civilization. Who lives here now but animals, seeking food, or to avoid becoming prey? And what happened to this once proud civilization?

Forest of Illusions

As the name implies, this forest is not everything it seems. What you think can seem real, and you may miss what's actually there. How can one hope to navigate it, if one's mind is not in order? And how does one know the difference between reality and illusion?

Castle of the Interpreters

A castle of intellectuals, trying to discern reality, and uncover the truth of the world. Where does this place exist? And, do its inhabitants even know what their castle looks like?

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