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About the Characters


Interested in the nature of the greater reality in which he exists. Isn't interested in being dragged down by others, even if he still cares about them.


A hunter, and Del's friend. Has a dark and brooding personality. Extremely decisive, and not a fan of nonsense.


A girl, living in Falborough - one of Del's classmates. Cares for others, even if she's not always patient with them.

The Adventure Trio

Heirs to Del's legacy of miscreant behavior, their members are three: Del's brother Thomas, and his friends, Roger and Willard.


A rambunctious girl with the ability to wield fire. Looking for a life of adventure, beyond what's boring, grim, gray, or stodgy.


Self-conscious and hesitant, he's a scholarly fellow who has the habit of trying to understand things and piece together larger puzzles. Has never met Del, but knows him well.


A mysterious and optimistic man who lives in a tower of white marble. What is he looking for?


A powerful woman, who commands the respect of a team of... investigators. Hobbies: reading, drinking tea or red wine, and teaching in unconventional ways.


A writer, intent on creating a story of meaning and authenticity. Specifically... Del's.

Joe George Smith III

Appeared in the woods one day. Plays a flute. Seems to know more than he lets on.

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